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Read, Grow, and learn from anywhere, at any time. Explore a new world of learning with the spectra of Online Education. We are of the firm belief that education shall not be Geography Restricted; Let’s build a career out of it.

Under Graduation Programs

Under Graduation Program

Are you concerned after completion of High School or the equivalent? We offer online undergraduate programs that inculcate knowledge and provide a range of career opportunities. We have robust tie-up with Community colleges, vocational schools, and top Universities across the globe.

post graduation programs

Post Graduation Program

What’s Next after a profound bachelor’s degree? The university with us has come up with online postgraduate programs for post-secondary students. With knowledge and skill, you will stand out in the job market having a proficient postgraduate degree in hand.

Our Undergraduate Programs

B.A (Bachelor of Arts)

B.A (Bachelor of Arts - Fashion Designing)

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

B.A (Bachelor of Arts - Journalism and Mass Communication)

B.Lib (Bachelor of Library Science)

B.Sc. PCM (Bachelor of Science in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

B.Sc. ZBC (Bachelor of Science Zoology, Botany, Chemistry)

BCA (Bachelors In Computer Applications)

B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

Benefits of

Online Education

The discrepancy between online and offline is now an old-age debate. The concept of Online education brings a plethora of benefits. The positive aspects of online education range from Freedom to inculcating self-discipline. Here are some positive impacts and benefits of Online education:

  • It brings the right options and a plethora of choices to select the best out of it.
  • Online education, also termed self-paced learning is now widely accepted.
  • You can create a self-customized environment where you can learn and grow.
  • A fruitful opportunity for a working group, who wish to learn at a later age.

The universities with us are equipped with all important features of online learning such as Interactive elements, cloud-hosted platforms, offline lectures, and assessment tools.

Careers & insights after

Online Education

The concept of Online Education and E-learning has given a vast emerging opportunity in terms of career growth. You can indeed utilize the wonders of technology and acquire the latest skills. The few most demanding career ideologies of Online education are listed below:

  • It gives a firm rise to skill-oriented jobs in most enthralling sectors like Information technology and R&D.
  • With the ability of a critical thinker, you can sit for several competitive exams.
  • By upgrading skills from online education, you can keep progressing in your current job.
  • It provides a beautiful opportunity to work and learn together and hence provides you the chance to scale yourself.

Online education allows you a greater facility to juggle between career, education, and home life.


Universities We had tied-up with.

Skill minds Education
Skill minds Education
Skill minds Education
Skill minds Education
Skill minds Education
Skill minds Education

FAQ's on Online Education

The online program is basically a study program where a student takes admission, gives an exam and gets the degree virtually. It differs in terms of mode when it comes to regular courses. The syllabus, course duration, Evaluation strategy and degree are similar to that of the regular course. The online programs are equivalent to regular programs.

Yes, you can sit and write for any competitive exams, including UPSC. The government of India approves the online mode of education for all competitive exams. All you require to have a degree from a recognized board.

There are no eligibility criteria for pursuing education via online mode. Wherein the eligibility criteria are course/Degree dependent. It varies from degree to degree. For a bachelor’s degree, you must pass class 12. And for a Postgraduate degree, you must be a graduate of a recognized university.

This is the beauty of online programs. If you can manage your time well, you can work while pursuing your education via online mode. There is no requirement of visiting college even, you get E-books and other materials at home itself.

It is just the student who get benefit from online education. It depends upon your learning abilities, and how fast you can learn via the online mode. It is compulsory to have attendance, and assessment before having the degree.

Here are a few enlisted technology-based requirements for online education:

  • Computer/laptop.
  • A web camera equipped with the device.
  • Microphone.
  • And an Internet Connection.

Online education varies from regular courses just in the term of mode. That is Online Course follows an online mode and the regular course has an offline mode. They do not differ in terms of Validation.

The online programs are of similar length to that of regular courses. Bachelor’s Degree is of 3 years, wherein the postgraduate is of 2 years.

Do not worry, online education is relevant for government jobs. In terms of validation, Online education is equally Valid.

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