About MA:

The master of Arts is an intensive degree that teaches humanities, philosophies, arts and language for two years. The discipline serves several branches of social science and its relevant aspects. The course delivers the right values to the student in order to succeed in future endeavours.

Why Choose MA ?

A degree in Master of Arts opens the door to PhD programs which can further enhance the career. It helps students to develop skills like problem-solving and decision-making. Pursuing a Master itself gives you a professional dimension to your life. It helps to expand knowledge in the specialized areas of interest.

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Benefits of Pursuing a MA:

Pursuing a Master of Arts dwells a spectrum of Benefits, a few of them are:

  • Advancement in the field.
  • Cultural Leadership.
  • Understanding of public relation.
  • High job opportunities.
  • Inculcates Policy Management.

Career and Insights:

There is a vast field open for students who have pursued a Master of Arts as it serves a wide range of disciplines. You can opt for a lawyer, Manager, Digital Marketer, Journalist, and Data scientist. It provides lucrative pay and huge growth opportunities. A Master’s in Arts provides the right skill set to pursue a career in the chosen discipline. There are multiple firms and corporate counsel who are looking for a Master of Arts graduate.

Eligibility Criteria for Doing a MA:

There is no age limit for pursuing a Master of Arts. You require to score a passing mark of the aggregate of 55-60 per cent for getting admission into MA. It is mandatory to pursue a Bachelor’s from a recognized university with the required aggregate marks of that college. Some of the global universities take admission on the marks scored during BA.

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FAQ's About MA

Master of Arts mainly deals in fields such as Language, history, geography, Philosophy, fine Arts, And Social Science. The intensive classes for these disciplines give you an immersive experience.

There is huge potential for growth and a promising career after pursuing an MA. Wherein it depends on what discipline you have chosen in your Master of Arts. You can easily avail yourself of a manager-level post after doing an MA.

Yes, Indeed MA is a reputed global Degree. MA has global recognition as a valid degree in different corners of the globe.

The MA degree is normally 2 Years of course from the very date of Registration.

MA is a Master’s Degree; hence you are eligible for all the competitive exams for Master’s and Below Academic-level Exams.

Here are the enlisted jobs available after MA:

  • Marketing and Advertisement.
  • Public service.
  • Non-profit Organisations.
  • Art and Culture.
  • Administration and office support.

MA Degree helps in career building in several ways possible, it gives you cultural skills and adequate knowledge regarding Art and Social Happenings.

For pursuing MA, you must have graduated from a recognized university.

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