About M.Com:

Master of Commerce, also known as M-com is a postgraduate master’s degree that aims to focus on commerce, accounting, economics and management. The M-com degree gives a wide prospect of opportunities in finance and corporate sectors. The two years course blends to have specialization in accounting, taxation, HR management and finance.

Why Choose M.Com ?

Master of Commerce (M. Com) is a door to Chartered accountancy, Work accountancy, insurance and banking services. It also gives higher opportunities in academics to become lecturers or Assistant professors at universities. This is the most crucial course for commerce background students to excel in their careers.

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Benefits of Pursuing a M.Com:

Master of commerce comes with a long range of benefits, here are a few of them:

  • Wider Scope.
  • Huge number of disciplines are available.
  • In-depth knowledge of the subject.
  • Entrepreneurship Opportunity.
  • Eligible for competitive exams.

Career and Insights:

M.Com gives a wide range of career opportunities, you can enroll in an MBA program as per the opted specialization. Popular companies and affiliated firms are searching for M. Com graduates. You get the opportunity to become a Chartered Accountant. It opens the door to all industries as a role of a company secretary, Certified Management Accountant, Chartered financial analyst, and various other account certifications.

Eligibility Criteria for Doing a M.Com:

You get admission in M. Com as per the marks obtained in the graduation degree. There are few universities which are taking entrance-based exams for pursuing a Master of Commerce. It depends on the B. Com marks and the availability of seats in the university. The students must have passed the exam from a recognized university with at least 50 per cent marks.

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FAQ's About M.Com

You get to learn about the principles of accounting, money management, the banking system, and economic theory. You also avail the information about microeconomics and Finance ethics of the country. With these learnings, you can also utilize the scope of money in your personal life.

As such, the aspect of pursuing a Master of Commerce and opting course depends upon the interest of students. Wherein a Master of Commerce in Development Finance, a Master of Commerce and Technology, and a Master of Commerce in international relations are some demanding courses of M. Com.

Yes, Indeed M. Com. is a reputed global Degree. M.Com. has global recognition as a valid degree in different corners of the globe.

The M. Com. degree is normally 2 Years of course from the very date of Registration.

M. Com. is the Master’s Degree; hence you are eligible for all the competitive exams for Master’s and below Academic-level Exams.

Here are the enlisted jobs available after M. Com:

  • Auditor.
  • Research positions.
  • CS.
  • CA.
  • Financial Analyst.

M. Com. Degree helps in career building in several ways possible, it gives you financial skills and adequate knowledge regarding commercial factors. It makes you a full-fledged knowledgeable regarding accounting and finance.

For pursuing M. Com., you must have graduated from any relevant discipline from a recognized university.

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