About BCA:

BCA, also known as Bachelor in Computer Application is a most prominent undergraduate program. The course puts an emphasis on the field related to computer applications and technology. The course is related to a variety of career prospects to outstand the student’s growth. You can avail of the bachelor program after completing high school if your interest resonates to pursue a career in IT.

Why Choose BCA ?

As there is rapid growth in the domain of the Internet and digital media. Internet-based interaction is part of personal communication. Digital evolution was only possible after the induction of mobile applications and computer programming. One of the best ways of learning the computer language is by pursuing the BCA. Coding language is the foundation of programs and the same is part of the BCA program for students.

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There are a range of benefits of pursuing a BCA, yet we will talk about a few of them here:

  • Paid internship with renowned IT companies.
  • Huge career prospects.
  • Array of Specialization available.
  • Global opportunities.
  • IT-based skill orientation.

Career and Insights:

There are numerous MNCs longing to have a BCA Graduate. For tech enthusiasts, it is an immensely great opportunity to dwell a career by opting for BCA. Since BCA is a skill-oriented course hence it becomes very easy to sustain a career as a BCA graduate. System engineer, Computer programmer, Network Administrator, Web developer, and web designer are some of the sought-after job opportunities for a BCA graduate.

Eligibility Criteria for Doing a BBA:

The high school students after completing the 12th Board are eligible for the BCA program. Wherein the number of applicants, college selection, and the specialization offered are the other few reasons that determine the eligibility. Few colleges and universities take entrance exams for the admission process. It is mandatory to get at least 50 percent marks in 12th from a recognized board.

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FAQ's About BCA

After you complete your degree in BCA, you can avail of major job roles in the IT sector. If you wish to pursue high education, you can opt for MCA as well. As the IT industry is in the boom, you get to have enough doors of opportunities after BCA.

Technical analysts, data scientists, web developers, digital marketers, the E-commerce sector, and educators are some of the demanding roles after graduating in BCA.

Yes, Indeed BCA is a reputed global Degree. BCA has global recognition as a valid degree in different corners of the globe.

The BCA degree is normally 3 Years of course from the very date of Registration.

BCA is the Bachelor’s Degree; hence you are eligible for all the competitive exams for Bachelor level students.

Here are the enlisted jobs available after BCA:

  • Software Developer.
  • IT Analyst.
  • Web Developer.
  • Software Publisher.
  • Service Specialist.

BCA Degree helps in career building in several ways possible, it gives you technical skills with computer languages. It makes you a full-fledged IT personnel.

For pursuing BCA, you must have passed class 12th from any stream from a recognized board.

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