About BA:

Bachelor of Arts is a 3 Year of the prominent undergraduate program. The program aims to focus on Economics, psychology, Political science, geography, and other disciplines. The students get to know about the cultural and economic front of the country. Students avail themselves of the orientation of literary debates and the cultural significance of the subjects.

Why Choose BA ?

Bachelor of Arts is all time demand course, as it provides a promising career in a vivid range of Disciplines. This gives an edge to the historical aspect and develops the most demanding skill of today’s world. It gives an overall opportunity to live an accomplished life. Every year the university gets thousands of applications for a bachelor of Arts. A degree in Arts prepares students to fight social and technical challenges.

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Benefits of Pursuing a BA:

There is an array of benefits to Pursuing a BA. Here are a few enlisted benefits of Pursuing a BA:

  • Strong knowledge of the subject.
  • Better Understanding socio-economic aspect.
  • Cultural literacy.
  • Writing Proficiency.
  • Personal growth.

Career and Insights:

It helps students by providing the dream career opportunity in the Arts domain such as Journalism, Marketing, Civil services, communication, international relation, etc. Most career opportunities we get after completing a graduate degree in Arts. After graduating BA, you become eligible for IAS, PCS, and other government exams. The top chief manager of any company is a graduate of Arts. By pursuing a graduate in Arts, you unlock the door to a Professional and academic career.

Eligibility Criteria for Doing a BA:

The students shall clear the 12th board exam, with a minimum of 50 percent of aggregate marks or an equivalent CGPA. The Final exam of the 12th shall be from a recognized board. Admission to BA can be done on an entrance exam or merit basis. The student must prepare for the exam, to get into the best university for BA.

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FAQ's About BA

People who are looking for advanced career opportunities in the Arts field. BA is one of the great options as it opens the door to establishing a career. Teaching, content creation, and law are some of the demanding careers after pursuing Bachelor in Arts.

Yes, the placement opportunity is exponentially increasing for students pursuing BA. You get to place in the national and international markets, as there is a pool of career opportunities.

Yes, Indeed BA is a reputed global Degree. BA has global recognition as a valid degree in different corners of the globe.

The BA degree is normally 3 Years of course from the very date of Registration.

BA is a Bachelor’s Degree; hence you are eligible for all the competitive exams for Bachelor level students.

Here are the enlisted jobs available after BA:

  • Marketing and Advertisement.
  • Public service.
  • Non-profit Organisations.
  • Art and Culture.
  • Administration and office support.

BA Degree helps in career building in several ways possible, it gives you cultural skills and adequate knowledge regarding Art and Social Happenings.

For pursuing BA, you must have passed class 12th from any stream from a recognized board.

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